**Daily Internet Usage Volume.**

500MB , 1GB , 3GB When usage reaches the specified limit, you will be able to continue using the Internet without restrictions at a speed of 256 kbps. The usage volume will be reset at 23:59 (Thailand time).

SAMURAI WiFi with the no.1 number of users in Thailand that can be rented in Thailand and used in more than 200 countries around the world

Why SAMURAI WiFi is chosen?

  • Fastest!
  • Long Time Battery
  • 365 days free delivery
  • 365 days Support Center
  • Receive the most support in the industry!
  • 4G/LTE Number of Countries Industry Highest!
  • Multiple people available
  • More than 200 countries with the highest number of countries in the industry!

Why SAMURAI WiFi is chosen?

  • Easy to use
    without hassle

    You can enjoy cheap internet while using thai phone numbers as they are in voice calls. You can also turn it on in your country and enter your password to get high-speed Internet.

  • Multiple names can be used in multiple units at the same time

    Multiple devices. Smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc., can be connected at the same time. You can also use one rental WiFi for multiple people (recommended 2 divice, up to 5 divice).

  • Guarantee and support
    at a low price

    No deposit (excluding domestic use in Thailand) / additional fee / VAT is zero "safe price" "safe price" is available in more than 200 countries in the world. rental WiFi can be picked up and returned at airports in Thailand. Thai Japanese staff will be happy to respond by phone/ face-to-face/ e-mail.

How to rent

  • STEP 1

    Sign up


    Please apply from this website before you travel. Sign up in just three minutes!

  • STEP 2

    Make a payment


    Payment methods include cash payments at the airport, credit payments and bank transfers, and corporate customers can pay later.

  • STEP 3

    Pick up


    If it's possible to deliver to designated areas in Bangkok as well as to deliver to your home and work! In addition, it is possible to collect at each airport in Thailand!

  • STEP 4

    To use


    You can use the SAMURAI WiFi router to access high-speed internet at your destination. We also provide support in Japanese and Thai!

  • STEP 5



    Because I can return it in various places as well as at the time of receipt, it is very convenient!

E.g. We tried to rent 4G pocket WiFi for Japan.

  • MON

    ● Easy net application with smartphone or PC! By the next day, we will send you an email to estimate your fare and how to use it.

  • TUE

    Advance payment by credit card and cash payment at the time of delivery are recommended, but we also support the bank transfer at convenience stores

  • WED

    Messenger will deliver to your desired pick-up location the day before you use. *Limited to designated locations in Bangkok.

  • THU

    You can also pay on the day at the airport. If you have pocket WiFi in advance, you can quickly eliminate your fears even when you're traveling.

    day 1
  • FRI

    Please make important memories by using the Internet even if it is a home after a long time or the first trip!

    day 2
  • SAT

    Please complete your business trip and trip as scheduled by searching for routes on your way back to Google Map.

    day 3
    travel periodTravel period
  • SUN

    It can be returned at the airport or at home *only at designated locations in Bangkok.

What's new
2023/05/15 The customer's feedback (Customer's voice) has been changed or updated.
2023/05/07 This China trip shouldn't be lonely. If we have Pocket WiFi, SIM, and the latest eSIM from Samurai WiFi, it won't block social media platforms like Facebook, Line, Google, or Instagram. We can use them comfortably without needing to use a VPN anymore.
2023/04/24 Internet for traveling in Europe covers 33 countries throughout the continent with a lot of data allowance.
2023/04/02 Update!! The booth at Suvarnabhumi Airport is now open for service. The booth is located on the 4th floor, behind the counter, in the L zone. It operates from 15:00 to 23:00 every day. Customers can directly pick up and return the devices at the booth.
2023/03/15 We have Pocket WiFi promotions for monthly and yearly
Promotion Information

We have a lot of promotions every day. If you want to know about the current promotion, please visit the promotion page to get the full deals.

Samurai WiFi by Global WiFi for 4G Pocket WiFi rental service in Thailand that can be used all over the world, including Japan

SAMURAI WiFi by Global WiFi 4G Pocket WiFi Rental Service, delivers you to the comfortable Internet.

Super important

To all customers who have a KING POWER card!!

Don't forget to use it, just present and get upto 20-50% OFF!! Samurai WiFi is just a promotion! ! It is an overwhelming cost performance than any other service!


Available countries

SAMURAI WiFi Customer Testimonials

Customer's Voice

  • • Z 2023.07.20 update

    It was very easy to use. I will also use it for my next trip.

  • • M 2023.05.15 update

    The signal is good, and there are no issues. The battery life is also long-lasting.

  • • N 2023.05.15 update

    The signal is excellent.

  • • W 2023.05.15 update

    The signal is very strong and extremely beneficial.

  • • TK 2022.12.24 update

    WiFi has signal all the time. Devices are very saving electricity. Convenient to pick up and return the pocket wifi (^^,)

  • • DK 2022.12.20 update

    Strong signal. Convenient to contact.

  • • JK 2022.12.20 update

    I have used Samurai wifi many times. The signal is quite good and Convenient to pick up and return the pocket wifi.

  • • AI 2019.12.15 update

    Very easy to rent and use just arrived there and turn the device ON! then you can use it immediately and is very convenient. also, you can connect multiple mobile phone and PC you want to use. Like reliable travel friends.

  • • SK 2019.12.15 update

    Receiving and returning the device is very easy. Even in Japan, it is convenient.

  • • PP 2019.12.14 update

    I have been using Samurai wifi every time traveling abroad for the past 5 years. Using Samurai wifi has never been disappointed me.

  • • KK 2019.11.03 update

    Convenient unlimited wifi.

  • • PK 2019.10.31 update

    Strong signal and long battery life.

  • • MF 2019.10.31 update

    Convenient. Simple. Cheap when used in a group.

  • • WT 2019.10.02 update

    strong battery, low price, pleasant.

  • • JT 2019.10.02 update

    worthy than register from Japan.

  • • SY 2019.10.02 update

    can use in China, high speed internet.

  • • SK 2019.09.16 update

    Easy to use. Simple and cheaper than renting in Japan.

  • • SP 2019.09.16 update

    Quality service, response is quick when trouble occurs.

  • • BA 2019.09.11 update

    Trustable service.

  • • TA 2019.08.09 update

    Convenient and easy to use.

  • • SP 2019.08.09 update

    A good terminal, a good pick-up and return place, convenient, the staff was very friendly and helpful.

  • • TG 2019.08.09 update

    update The radio wave is strong and it is very convenient, and sim card is not necessary to change. I like it very much. Cospa was good because only one car was connected a lot.

  • • KN 2019.03.19 update

    Easy to use. It is very convenient to return it.

  • • YK 2019.03.19 update

    update It was easy to use and convenient, and the staff at the airport was very friendly and helpful.Good service mind.

  • • IW 2019.03.19 update

    It is good to use and there is no problem.Moreover, the electric wave is strong, and the price is not high either.

  • • MO 2019.03.19 update

    This is useful for bookings and pocket WiFi.Cospa is also good and the internet is fast.

  • • DW 2019.03.19 update

    update The price is cheap.I can share only one lot, and the radio wave is very strong and is impressed.

  • • PB 2018.11.17 update

    The staff were very friendly and helpful.Thank you very much!